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Frequently Asked Questions 

1.   Will things get stolen when my property is listed?  

For some Sellers, one of the things to come to terms with is the fact that people will be going through their homes.  Having sold many homes personally, we can understand that feeling of "invasion of privacy".  Although vandalism and theft is rare when one's home is on the market, it can happen.  To minimize your chances of having something missing or broken, take a walk through your home as if you were a potential buyer.  If there is anything that is precious or that you would hate to go "missing"- put it away, keep it out of sight until after the sale is firm.  The most commonly stolen items are those that are small and right out in the open.


2.   Can we continue to sell the home ourselves?  

No. When you sign a listing agreement, you are giving Royal LePage Performance Realty the exclusive right to market and sell your home.  Our business model is that of a full service real estate company.  However, you can still participate in letting all of your friends and others know that your home is for sale; perhaps they know of someone who wants to buy in your area. We can also offer you a feature sheet to post at your workplace.


3.   Can we list for a short term such as 30 days?  

In order to post a listing on the Ottawa Real Estate Board's Multiple Listing Service (MLS®), we need to follow their guidelines. 60 days is the minimum listing.  However, if we are going to market your property and pay the costs associated with selling your home, we need the time to give it proper exposure.  As well, depending on the time of year or the area, the average Days on Market (or selling time) may be 60 to 90 days.  So in order to do our best for you, we do not take 30 day listings.


4.   Why do I need a sign on the lawn?   

Not only does the sign serve as a landmark for locating your home, but potential buyers may be attracted simply by its presence.  Just like when you have a child or grandchild, you all of a sudden notice babies and baby toys everywhere you go, it is that way with buyers. Once they have made the decision to buy, they start noticing real estate ads and signs all over the place, both consciously and unconsciously. It has been our experience over the years that there are many people who still drive around looking for "For Sale" signs in areas that they would like to live. We would hate for you to miss out on a buyer finding your home that way!


5.   Is it better to buy or sell first?  

There is no easy answer to this question. Either way you will probably have a few sleepless nights!  Most times we find that people prefer to sell first, unless you know that the market is "hot" on your street and you are confident your home will sell quickly. Once your property is listed for sale, we will begin to view properties, so that you can narrow down the areas you want to live. We can put on the listing that we need a longer possession date of the home you are selling in order to give us time to find a place, and then we can co-ordinate your new move in date.  Either way, you will want to speak with your lender to ensure you will have the funds to close, in the rare case that the two dates do not coincide.  When you purchase a home before your sells, there is a greater risk that you will own two homes when you take possession of the new one.  Many times, a Seller will not allow a "First Refusal", which is where a Seller has accepted a Buyer's offer, conditional upon the Buyers selling their home by a certain date.  We have seen all too often how devastating it can be for a buyer to have to let go of the home they fell in love with, because theirs did not sell, and they cannot afford to own both homes.


6.   Are an Exclusive Listing and an MLS® listing the same?  

We almost always would prefer your home to be listed on the Multiple Listing Service (MLS®).  An Exclusive Listing would be between Royal LePage Performance Realty, all of its salespeople and you, the Seller. Other Realtors® and the public would not know about your home being for sale, unless they saw it advertised or a sign. There are only a few circumstances where we would recommend an Exclusive listing.  It is almost always to your advantage to have all of Ottawa’s approximately 2700 realtors seeing your listing, because any one of them may have a buyer just waiting for a home like yours to come available.


7.   Should we have Open Houses?  

While most people start their search for a home on the internet, there are still many buyers who drive around the areas they like, just looking for “for sale” and “open house” signs.  We think open houses are very important.  Buyers who have come into our open houses have told us that they came to see the home by themselves because they did not want to “bother” their agent. Other times there are buyers who have not yet contacted an agent, but want to find that perfect home first. We have seen several times where, after holding an open house, a buyer has called their agent and told them about the home, and we have then received an offer.  We do our open houses about every 3 weeks, between 2-4pm the first weekend, and after that mostly from 1-2:30 pm. We have found that buyers who are serious show up before the rest of the open houses begin. Adhering to these times allows a better concentration of buyers to your home.  We try to minimize your risk by ensuring that anyone coming through “signs in”.  We do not allow children to run freely, and take your trust in us looking after your home very seriously.


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