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Moving to Ottawa

Moving to Ottawa? 

You’re coming to the Nation’s Capital, Canada ’s 4th largest city, a place rich with history!  


Ottawa was first called Bytown, after Lt- Col. John By, who was a military engineer brought in to oversee the construction of the Rideau Canal . It was officially changed to Ottawa in 1855.   Queen Victoria in 1857 chose Ottawa as the capital of what was then the Province of Canada . Ten years later, in 1867, with the new British North America Act, Ottawa became the permanent capital of the Dominion of Canada! Population at that time:  18,000!

Ottawa is built along the Ottawa River, which runs East- West and separates Ontario and Quebec .  The Rideau Canal ( the longest naturally frozen  skating rink in the world!) was completed in 1832 . It was built as a secure supply route from Montreal to Kingston ,  so as to avoid the St Lawrence River route, which during the War of 1812, was very vulnerable. 

The Parliament buildings were completed in 1866. East and West blocks were completed first, followed by the Centre Block. They were severely damaged by fire in 1916, and rebuilt. The Library was the only portion spared by the fire. It is an excellent example of Gothic Revival architecture. Make sure to take a tour of Parliament – you’ll spend a fascinating couple of hours!

By 1881, the population of Ottawa was over 25,000.

The city of Ottawa stretches along the Ottawa River .  It encompasses an area of 2800 sq. kilometers, and is 80% rural in nature!   Ottawa has 850 parks for all to enjoy! Plus there is a stretch of Greenbelt surrounding the city proper. Most of it is owned and managed by the National Capital Commission.

By 1969, Ottawa   had developed into the Regional Municipality of Ottawa-Carleton and had a population of 410,000.   In 2001, the city amalgamated with 11 different townships plus cities to make what is now the City of  Ottawa . Ottawa now goes from the Eastern border of Arnprior to Cumberland, and as far South as Burritt’s Rapids, and  includes Vanier,  Rockcliffe, Gloucester, Blackburn Hamlet, Orleans, Cumberland, Nepean, Barrhaven, Riverside South, Manotick, Greely,  Kanata, Stittsville and more. By the end of 2011,  the population of Ottawa was approximately 917,500.  On any given day the population jumps by an extra 100,000 people who come in to the city for business or sightseeing!

Here are a few more interesting facts about Ottawa , and a few places to be sure not to miss!

  • Ottawa's climate offers 4 distinct seasons- luckily there are so many things to do that the time can really fly by and winter, especially does not seem as long!
  • Ottawa sits along a major, though mostly dormant fault line. 2010 had an earthquake measuring a magnitude of 5.0.  There have been several quakes felt sine 2000, with readings of 4.5 or greater.
  • The official flower of Ottawa is the Tulip. Ottawa celebrates the Tulip Festival every May. Thousands of tulips are planted throughout the capital each year in remembrance of the freeing of the Dutch people during WW11, and the gratitude by the Dutch Royal Family for offering a safe haven here.
  • The Byward Market encompasses a 12 block area of wonderful shops, restaurants and outdoor cafes and a farmer’s market.  It is here you will find a Beaver Tail, an Ottawa treat, to be sure!
  • The Sparks Street Mall between Elgin and Bank Street was Canada’s first pedestrian mall.
  • The Glebe is a stately neighbourhood  close to downtown that explodes with pedestrian traffic each May, as on one of the last Saturdays in the month is held the Great Glebe Garage Sale!  Watch where you park or you will be towed- and bring your wagon to haul away treasures!
  • Weekdays at noon during summer you can watch the Changing of the Guard on Parliament Hill 
  • There is always something going on at Parliament Hill- Canada Day ceremonies, the Light and Sound Display, Fortissimo ( in August),  Police and Peace Officers' National Memorial day (last Sunday in September), the Lighting of the Trees in December
  • Not to be missed is attending the annual Remembrance Day ceremony downtown. The same as we all watched on TV, no matter where in Canada we lived! You can definitely see it better on TV, but it is well worth the experience. We are there every year!
  • Take a drive out to the RCMP stables on The Rockcliffe Parkway, where many times you can see the Musical Ride horses and tour the stables. Ask for a worn horseshoe as a souvenir!

    The RCMP Musical Ride
  • There are over 170 km. of biking/hiking pathways through the city
  • Sunday mornings during the summer, the Parkways close to traffic so bikers and joggers alike can take advantage of uninterrupted scenic routes
  • Rideau Hall, the Governor- General’s residence is open for tours daily. You can also stroll the gardens until 8pm, take in the Gov. General's picnic, skate in the winter and take in the New Year's Day open house
  • There are many Museums and Galleries throughout Ottawa, from the Museum of Nature to the Canadian War Museum. Most Museums are free after 7 pm Thursdays
  • Ottawa is home to the Royal Canadian Mint and the National Art Gallery, Winterlude, the Bluesfest and the Jazz festival
  • Labour Day weekend is the Gatineau Balloon Festival, where hundreds of unique hot air balloons fly over the north end of Ottawa  
  • There are many cross country an ski-doo trails throughout the area, skating on the canal usually starts mid January and lasts through Winterlude in February. Downhill ski runs are as close as 15 minutes away! 
  • Ottawa has several farmer's markets, including the Byward Market, the Parkdale market and the Cumberland market. There are also many  "pick-your-own" places and maple syrup farms to enjoy the best of the area's produce. 

Ottawa The big city with the small town feel! You will love it here! 

The Canadian Museum of Nature



The Federal Government is one of Ottawa's biggest employers, and as such Ottawa is a very transient town due to the many relocations we service every year.  We have helped countless families move to and away from Ottawa through the years, and we know the transfer process well.  Over a period of 35 years, our family was transferred many times through Royal LePage Relocation Services and then through Brookfield, so we are fully acquainted with being transferred and the stressors a move can entail.  We are also very familiar with the Brookfield process and HHT's!

Moving To Ottawa

Have you been to Ottawa before or know what area you want to live in?   What is your budget?  And what kind of a home are you considering?  We know Ottawa and all of the surrounding areas and towns, so no matter what you are looking for we can help you find it.  Send us your "wish list" and we'll get started,  and if you end up changing your mind, don't worry, many people do!  And we'll help you through it all!  Our goal is to help you find a suitable place, in a neighbourhood you will be happy in , and where we will be able to help you re-sell quickly when you get transferred again.

We will set aside the time you are here to be available for your entire HHT, and we will be with you pretty much every day, starting on day one!  Because our schedules are sometimes hectic, we would appreciate you keeping in touch and updated on your sale at home, and giving us a few days notice (if possible) so that we can adjust our schedules to be with you.  We will make every effort to help you have a firm sale before you leave the city.

We know which suppliers that are on Brookfield's preferred supplier list, and will recommend the best to you from that list so you do not have to pay out of pocket.  Make sure we have the contact information for your lender (and if you have not contacted one, we have several excellent lenders we can recommend to you).  We will ensure that once you purchase, the offer and paperwork goes to your lawyer and lender.  We will also ensure you have a copy of everything so that you can forward it to your Brookfield advisor.

Make sure you bring:

- a cheque book! Deposits in Ottawa are roughly 1% of the selling price, ( so $3000. for a home selling between $270,000 and $340,000.) and we usually put in the offer that the deposit will be given once the offer is accepted by all parties.

- your Brookfield file number ( the home inspector and lawyer will need that)

- contact information for your lender

We will be putting in some long days with you, and will help you as best we can.   We work somewhat differently than many real estate agents but we are sure you will be happy with our service to you!  We appreciate the confidence you have in us, and we will do our utmost to ensure you have a successful, and less stressful trip.   Most of our business comes from referrals, and so we want you to feel confident in referring us to your friends and colleagues in the future.   You probably know someone right now who is being transferred to or from Ottawa .  Why not call us at 613-238-2801 or quickly send us an email and let us help them too?

Moving Out of Ottawa

You can give us a call even before you get your transfer/ posting notice.  We will come out to assess your home and give you some suggestions as to things you can do to help facilitate a speedy sale.   Let us know when you are having an appraisal done, and when your notice comes through so we can co-ordinate the listing.  We'll also suggest a listing price for your home, let you know what the market is doing, and tell you how long we anticipate it will take for your home to sell.   Check out our section on Sellers to find out what documents to have ready for us when we come over to list your home.

We will always stay within the Brookfield commission guidelines, so you are not out of pocket.  And we'll offer you the same full service.   We will be with you from start to finish.  We will ensure that your lawyer and lender get all the necessary documents and will make sure you have copies of everything as well so that you can send everything to your Brookfield advisor.

Where are you being transferred to?  Over the years we have dealt with many real estate agents across the country, so chances are, wherever you are being transferred to, we know of a good agent there, and can help start the process of finding a home in your new city.

We appreciate the confidence you have in us, and we will do our utmost to ensure you have a successful, and less stressful sale.  Almost all of our business comes from referrals, and so we want you to feel confident in referring us to your friends and colleagues in the future.  You probably know someone right now who is being transferred to or from Ottawa.  Why not call us at 613-238-2801 and let us help them too?  We are never too busy for your referrals.

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